Join Bohemian Fresh Chocolates chocolatier who will teach you the secrets of tempering chocolate and truffle making. At the end of the class you’ll finish with six of these delectable treats yourself to take home. You’ll also receive a step by step instruction booklet so you can make them at home.

Lunch in Portlander Restaurant to the value of $20
(any extra expense will need to be paid on departure from the restaurant).

Cocktail making with Rydges bar staff. Create your
own cocktail to be judged and the winner will have
their signature cocktail on the Portlander cocktail list for a month.

3.30pm - Classes completed

Cost of tour = $148 per person

Saturday 25th - Afternoon Activities

Weta Workshop Experience

The Weta Workshop Experience gives large groups a non-stop immersive experience from the moment they step through the doors. Located just a few minutes from the Weta Cave, the Weta Workshop experience is nestled discreetly in the industrial movie hub of Miramar, Wellington. This cavernous space allows for large groups to experience a firstclass guided tour that takes you through the creative process of design through to the final product.

Exclusive photographs that showcase the processes used for different disciplines will assist your guide in talking your group through how Weta Workshop create for film, such as Armour & Costumes, Weapons & Props, Creatures & Make-up FX, Miniatures & Models, Conceptual Art and Merchandise.

  • Hosted by members of the Weta Workshop crew
  • Learn about their stories and experiences
  • Exclusive insight into the processes used by Weta Workshop in creating physical props, costumes, creatures and more
  • Get up close with movie props, costumes and armour
  • Learn the secrets of behind the movie magic!

  • Buses depart 1.10pm and return to Rydges at 3.15pm

    Cost of tour = $45 per person


    Step into a nature lover’s paradise and groundbreaking restoration project. See many of New Zealand’s rarest birds, reptiles and insects flourishing in their natural environment. Once on the brink of extinction, they are now recovering in this stunningly beautiful Sanctuary valley.

    Step back and stand face-to-face with the ten foot high moa and the man-eating Haast’s eagle. Learn more about the conservation, restoration, research collaboration and community of dedicated people who are working to restore New Zealand’s unique wildlife.

    Buses depart 1.10pm and return to Rydges 3.45pm

    Cost of tour = $65 per person