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Surface Coatings Association Australia


Sustainability in the Australian Paint Industry

Sustainability goals continue to evolve in the Australian Paint Industry from reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the recent past to new and increasing focus on energy and resource conservation today. Another key area is waste minimization and redirection from waste to energy options and alternative fuel/raw materials. Process efficiency enhancement by paint procedures and the use of renewable raw materials that offer consumers a choice in environmentally sustainable alternatives.   

This keynote address will cover the new focus of sustainability in the Australian Paint Industry, by proving detail on the Product Stewardship program Paintback, a national environmental scheme, that removes architectural and decorative waste paint from landfill and waterways. The various methods of treatment including alternative fuel and raw material in cement kilns offers a new lease in life for these unwanted paints. Ultimately greater research in the area is uncovering even more environmentally sustainable pathways for these waste / unwanted products.      

The keynote will also unravel the complexity of how the Surface Coatings Association of Australia (SCAA) is contributing to the sustainability of the paint industry by being certified as the auditors for Australia’s National Science Agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). CSIRO offer Verification Services providing an independent certification process for the materials and infrastructure industries being; the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) and the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP). APAS is an independent 3rd party conformity and product pre-qualification scheme that tests and certifies all types of surface coating materials and associated products whilst PCCP is to painting contractors what APAS is to paint products. It is an accreditation scheme that ensures painting contractors are professional, trained, skilled personnel with the knowledge and expertise to get the maximum service life out of an APAS certified product.

Finally the keynote address will show the synergistic affects of raw material suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, consumers, verification providers and industry associations can work collaboratively for best environmentally sustainable outcomes.


John is the current Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA) President and Board Chairman having assumed the role in May 2021. He has been a member of SCAA since 2004 and holds an Associate in the Technology of Surface Coatings (ATSC) professional Grading and an MBA (executive) from RMIT University. John has served as Chairman, Secretary, Social Secretary, and Membership Secretary of the Victorian Section and has also participated as the Promotions committee member on the Australian Coatings Show.

John is the Business Development and Export Manager at Tri-Tech Chemical Company an Australian manufacturing company creating responsible solutions for a better tomorrow. Taking locally produced and imported raw materials and transforming them into solutions that support renewable and sustainable products and processes to minimise the impact on the planet.

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