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Regional Sales Manager, Oceania

Fast & Fluid Management 
(A Unit of IDEX Corporation)


Managing the Complexities of Next-Gen VOC-free Colorants

For the decorative and architectural markets, coatings formulators have been innovating and introducing next-gen low and zero VOC colorants to create a more environmentally friendly coating that complies with the government regulations. Understanding the challenges when working with these complex colorants, while still achieving accuracy and repeatability is critical.

We will discuss these challenges in a case study of issues that occurred following a pour-over change from a traditional universal tint system to a Low VOC system. The challenges that arose, the difficulty tracing the root cause, the partnering required with all players to finally reach a solution, this from the perspective of a dispensing machine manufacturer.

We will also present the new technologies we have introduced to address these challenges, we've built some future-proof technologies for paint dispensers, such as the patented ZeroPurge™ or AutoDrive™. Innovations in stirring systems as well as ways we have improved reliability and reduced operator maintenance. Years of market research, product development, and testing in the field have enabled us to set a new standard in reliability, dispense speed, operator friendliness, serviceability, and sustainability. For example, the ZeroPurge piston pump not only makes life easier for the operator but also eliminates purged waste, ensuring more environmentally friendly paint dispensing operations. The AutoDrive not only offers ultimate reliability at high speed, but it also prevents colorant-related mistints. The result? Significantly less paint waste and a smaller ecological footprint.

Being the market leader in the tinting industry comes with certain responsibilities, the environmental impact being one of them. Apart from eliminating purge waste, we have also managed to create the most energy-efficient paint dispensers.

In this presentation, we would like to focus on the key challenges with VOC-free colorants and how our innovative technology based on customer collaboration and years of development ensure superior dispensing results, even with the most challenging colorants.


Bruce is a sales professional with over 16 years of experience supplying paint tinting and mixing equipment to the Paint and Coatings industry in the Oceania region. Having worked with multiple paint and colorant companies, he has broad practical experience in implementing and supporting tinting systems. As the Regional Sales Manager, Bruce provides Key Account management, business development, and channel partner expansion for the Oceania region.

Bruce has a broad academic background with an Associate diploma in Civil Engineering from QUT (Australia) and a master’s in business administration, from UOW (Australia).

Bruce Peters is currently based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

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