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AUCKLAND: Talk by Auckland Museum Curator

AUCKLAND:  Talk by Auckland Museum Curator
Date: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019
Time: 5.30pm arrival for 6.00pm start
Location: Horse & Trap, 3 Enfield Street, Mt Eden, Auckland

Hi everyone
Its been a few years since we have had an Auckland Museum person talking to us, and that was fantastic, so we expect the same here.

We have two speakers this time, with both Valerie Tomlinson (Conservator) and Alexander Lencz (Gallery Improvements Display Technician) coming along. Alexander will be talking about a project where he had to remove a coating from something and the challenges involved, and both will be telling stories from their experiences at both Auckland Museum and beyond. Most importantly, they are happy to answer questions!

Valerie Tomlinson - Conservator
Originally from Canada, Val is a conservator at Auckland Museum and has worked there for the last 10 years.
She got into conservation because she joined a kung fu club while on a summer job from art school. Her past life had taken her through various careers, including a chemist, where her early work involved nuking blueberries for Atomic Energy of Canada, and other nuclear research work in Germany.
Later in life, she advanced to being a cabinet maker working for a furniture repair and refinishing shop. When asked what she did for a living, she would reply “I’m a stripper”. After the eyebrows had reached maximum altitude, she would clarify “…a furniture stripper”.
Before coming to New Zealand, she worked 5 years in the Canadian Arctic as a librarian, where her job took her through such well-known librarian tasks as navigating a helicopter to Grizzly bear dens for a Grizzly bear researcher; working on an archaeological dig on an Inuit house on a (now) uninhabited arctic island; and retrieving a prehistoric Steppe Bison from the permafrost for the Canadian Museum community. She also flew Search and Rescue missions as a navigator in her spare time.

Dedicated cyclist (who has refused to own a car for over 25 years), this is a picture of Val at the Snow King’s castle, out on Great Slave Lake, just outside of Yellowknife NWT in 2009.

Alex Lencz - Gallery Improvements Display Technician
Alex trained in cabinetmaking and studied conservation in Germany. Most of his conservation practice there was focused on furniture and heritage buildings. Alex moved to New Zealand in 2013 and started working as a conservator at Auckland Museum, where he mainly conserved taonga in the Māori and Pacific collections. He is currently working in the museum’s Display department where he fabricates object mounts and physical interactives for upcoming galleries. Alex is part of the Gallery Improvements team that focuses on removing and replacing objects on display to prevent damage from light exposure.

This event is open to all members, and please feel to bring along friends, business colleagues, and others who may be interested in this talk.

Please RSVP to Donna at [email protected].