Professional Grading

Through our membership of CSI, Coatings Societies International, and our affiliation with The Oil & Colour Chemists Association in the UK, we are able to offer, to suitably qualified and experienced members of SCANZ, internationally recognised, peer reviewed Professional Grading which provides those members admitted to the Professional Grade the right, so long as they remain financial members of the Association, to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name.

The three classes of Professional Grading are;


Professional Membership in the Class of Licentiate is the basic Class of Professional Grading. It is suitable for newly qualified applicants without significant industrial experience.
Designatory Letters: LTSC


Professional Grading to the Class of Associate is the Class of Professional Grading to which most Members involved in the Technical side of the Surface Coatings Industry will be eligible. To be eligible for this grading you are required to demonstrate that you have gained training and experience in the practice of surface coatings technology for a minimum of five years. You need to show is that you have acquired the skills and training necessary for you to undertake your employment in the technical side of the surface coatings industry.
Designatory Letters: ATSC


Professional Grading to the Class of Fellow is the most prestigious Class of Professional Grading. Applicants will be required to demonstrate substantial evidence of professional achievement in the science or technology of coatings, The Association is looking for a position of senior responsibility in the science or technology of surface coatings, and expects you to have been employed in a company or educational establishment active within the surface coating sector. You will be expected to demonstrate that you have made a significant contribution to the scientific or technical development of the sector through publications (internal and/or external) and/or lectures to raise the standard of scientific, technical and professional knowledge of persons engaged in the Surface Coatings Industry.
Designatory Letters: FTSC

Further Information on Professional Grading and application forms can be obtained from the SCANZ Professional Grading Convenor by email, click here, or on-line by downloading the form below:

Portable Document Format (PDF)Professional Grading Application Form (121kb)