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Water-Borne Dispersion Developments for Architectural Coatings Solutions for Interior Premium and Sustainable Paints

Joshua Taylor, Rachel Sun, Akiko Tanabe, Juan Zhou, Nikolaus Raupp

Over time, consumers expect increasing Paint Performance delivered by coatings that have a neutral or positive environmental impact. Reduced VOCs, odour and emissions are key consumer ranked deliverables from an immediate environmental standpoint. Additionally, this topic also extends to buying choices of paints made from raw materials with increased renewable content and high CO2 offset potential. This offers welcome technical challenges to raw material providers and coatings formulators to continue creating chemistry. It also asks of the Industry development of consistent and clear marketing messages, in harmony with what is a developing regulatory framework responding to the consumer’s expectations.

BASF’s Bio-Mass Balance process begins with the substitution of some fossil fuel-based naphtha for renewable feedstock sourced from waste green material that is neither food based or from high biodiversity areas. It is an independently certified sustainability solution active in Europe, NAFTA and Asia Pacific that delivers customers verified CO2 offset savings with no formulation or processing changes required.

Polymer Dispersions made from bio-based chemical building blocks can deliver the C14 content required in the China market. Some background of these approaches will be discussed, and recent developments in the design, synthesis and applications testing for Polymer Dispersions for Premium and Sustainable Interior Paints will be shown.


Dr. Joshua Taylor is BASF ANZ’s Technical Sales Manager for Architectural Coatings.

Prior, Joshua was BASF’s Asia Pacific Regional Technical Marketing Manager for Water based Binders for Architectural Coatings, beginning this role in 2016.

Earlier, Joshua was the Technical Sales Manager for BASF Australia in Architectural Coatings and Fibre Bonding.  From 2009-2011 he was a Developer in BASF’s Dispersions and Pigments regional laboratory in Shanghai, China, focused on new products for the Adhesives and Fiber Bonding industries.

From 2007 to 2009 Joshua was a Researcher then Developer at BASF’s global headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany focused on new products for Paper Coating and Fiber Bonding.

Joshua began his career with BASF Australia in 2002 as an Account Manager for the Carpet Backing and Architectural Coatings industries, joining BASF following the completion of a PhD in Emulsion Polymerization sponsored by Dow Germany at the University of Sydney. 

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