Auckland Harbour Bridge Walk & Talk

Auckland Harbour Bridge Walk & Talk

On Wednesday 6 December, we had the honour of having a tour of the Auckland Harbour Bridge with the wonderful team at the AHB NZTA. This was an amazing experience that was so positive from start to finish, and I can only say that the AHB team were fantastic!

Firstly, thanks to the participants for getting there on time, and in the right gear. That was extremely important in this situation.

The day started with a safety briefing of course, and thanks were given to the AHB Team for ensuring the weather was ... well, just perfect really. We had a very entertaining and informative safety briefing and induction - it would be nice if others could make it that interesting. Once that was done, and all passed the breathalyser tests, we were taken out to the bridge by our guides John and Pablo.

What we expected was a brief tour of the bridge, staying on the underside. What we received was an incredibly intensive, informative, educational and informative tour that went right to the top of the overbridge, and then down to the lowest point possible. Check out the pictures to see just how everyone loved that!

There was so much information given, and if you are interested, I will be happy to go into the details of the 15year lifecycle of the current paint programme, the maintenance required, the three bridges (not one as I originally thought), the pivot points, the movement, and the 3 lines that give everything north of the bridge their power.

However, I think let's let the pictures in the gallery tell the story.

While we have a limit of 15 people, 4 people had to pull out, so we had two stand-ins at the last minute and they are beyond grateful to be able to go. Standing on the bridge on such a stunning sunny day, really was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend this to everyone who isn't afraid of heights!

Link: Click here to check out the photos