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Optimising Micro and Macro foam control additives in Pigment Mill base systems - A practical and simple guideline

A case study on optimising the impact on using Micro and Macro foam additives in a mill base is presented. Theoretically and practically, most surface active materials do interact in dispersion and wetting systems to potentially form synergistic mixtures, which can enhance performance in some way, as well as final physical properties of the coating system.

This study demonstrates that in a typical mill base used for water based coatings, using a Micro foam control agents and a Macro Foam control agent together, at optimum levels, can  result in enhanced performance in processing and final let down and dry film surfaces.

This study demonstrates a simple way for formulators to determine the optimum point.



Graduated with Diploma of Applied Chemistry (1976), Bachelor in Applied Science (1980), Post graduate diploma in Business Management (1986) and Commercial Law (1996).

Worked for ICI Australia, GAF Corporation, Rhone Poulenc, Henkel, Cognis and briefly with BASF (2011). Worked in R&D, Technical Service, Marketing and Sales. Over the last 20+years as Business Unit Management for Cognis with regional responsibility and Profit Management and most recently, as a Consultant.

Additives and understanding the importance in water based Coatings and general Coatings has been a key focus for more than 20 years. Other markets services include Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical, Wine and Beer Industry, Agricultural, Industrial Cleaning and UV Coatings.

My early years at ICI were focussed on pioneering work in rigid Polyurethane foams, Brake Fluids technology and Surfactant Technical service development in Australia and NZ. 

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