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Technical Service Director

CLiQ SwissTech 


Urea and Polyurethane Thickener Technology - A Modern Way to Control Rheology

The presentation will cover two new rheological additive technologies based on urea and polyurethane technology for aqueous architectural and industrial coatings.

First part of the presentation will discuss a unique development in Newtonian polyurethane thickener with outstanding efficiency. The thickener efficiently provides high shear viscosity to improve hiding power and brush drag with limited impact on low- and mid-shear viscosity.  The high efficiency allows reduced loading levels compared to conventional high shear thickeners resulting in less side effects in the final coating system and in an excellent cost-inuse position.

The second part of the presentation will discuss the new development of thixotropic additives based on a patented urea-urethane technology. This rheological additive class provides a strongly shear thinning, thixotropic flow behavior with limited impact on high shear viscosity.  The controlled thixotropy results in an excellent balance between sag and levelling particularly for spray applied coating systems. They create a 3-dimensional structure at rest that provides elasticity to the system to keep pigments and extenders in suspension to prevent sedimentation at rest. The liquid urea-urethane thickeners are used alone or in combination with other rheological additives to improve the rheological properties.

The presentation will discuss the structure of both additives, their rheological properties and advantages compared to other thickener classes. Their use in common coating systems for industrial and decorative applications is also shown.


Mr van Pey is a qualified chemical technician. He worked 7 years for Martinswerk/ Albemarle to optimize aluminium trihydrate application as flame retardant in thermoset applications. In 1996 he joined RHEOX / Elementis technical support team. As Technical Service Director he was later responsible for support of rheological additives, dispersing agents, colorants and defoamers throughout Europe.

In early 2012 he joined CLiQ SwissTech as technical marketing director for the additive line CLiQSPERSE dispersing and wetting agents, CLiQFLOW rheological additives and CLiQSMART defoamers/special additives used in coatings, inks, thermosets & related industries. 

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