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Peter Caley - Covestro

1K PUR dispersion with comparable performance to 2K waterborne coating

Two component waterborne polyurethane coatings are recognized as having excellent performance properties and are used in a wide variety of applications. However, they require the introduction of a curing agent as a second component in order to provide the crosslinking needed to enhance coating performance.

Several challenges for two component waterborne coatings are well known, including limited pot life, increased waste, potential risk for mixing failure and additional process steps before application. Therefore, in certain markets, paint formulators continue to look for one component waterborne coatings that have comparable performance to two component waterborne coatings; for example, coatings for the residential vinyl windows market. Vinyl windows represent more than 70% of windows sold into the USA residential window market.

This paper discusses the performance properties, of a newly developed one component polyurethane dispersion that demonstrates comparable performance properties to two component waterborne coatings used to paint residential vinyl windows in the market today. Work is now underway to investigate other applications.

Peter Caley is currently Sales Manager for Covestro Pty Ltd (previously Bayer Material Science), based in Melbourne. Peter is responsible for sales of Covestro polyisocyanates, polyols and other raw materials for the surface coatings industry. He has been involved in the surface coatings industry for more than 29 years in his role with Covestro/Bayer and earlier with Ciba Geigy, Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Huntsman, in both NZ and Australia.