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  • 4 Aug 2023 1:02 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    For members only, we have uploaded the latest series - Series 10 of the OCCA Weekly Webinars. Click here to check them out

    The titles include:

    • Understanding Mass Balance
    • How to Meet Quality and Sustainability Goals with Digital Color Management Tools
    • Synthomers latest Innovation in the Low-Exudation-Binder (LEB)
    • Coasol - non VOC solvents
    • Innovative Paints and Coatings Solutions enabled by 3M Glass Bubbles
    • A case study in the development of Chrome-Free diffusion coatings for Industrial, Marine and Power Generation Turbines
    • "Where styling drives safety" - RheoLight for increased Safety and LiDAR visibility
    • Biobased dispersing agents for sustainable coatings
    • Color Systems for Solid Colors
  • 28 Feb 2023 9:36 AM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    Check out the latest journal from SCANZ on Adhesion and Adhesives.  Here is what is included:

    • Editorial
    • Painted Memories
    • Upcoming Events
    • Convention 2023
    • In Memoriam - Bryce Woods
    • Development of sustainable bio-adhesives for engineered wood panels - A Review
    • Review on Adhesives and Surface Treatment for Structural Applications:  Recent Developments on Sustainability and Implementation for Metal and Composite Substrates
  • 29 Nov 2022 5:29 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    Hi everyone

    The latest edition of Brushstrokes focuses on Conventions, and specifically the 2022 Convention on Coatings Vision. 

    Check it out online by going to the members section, or click on Convention 2022 to open the file (you will have to be logged in).

    The topics include:

    • Editorial
    • Painted Memories
      – Convention Comparison
    • Upcoming Events
    • Convention 2022 Overview, photos and abstracts
    • Auckland Lawn Bowls & Dinner Function
    • Website Webinars
    • Job Advertisements
    • My First Conference - Dharita Rajani
    • Building Bridges through Scientific Conferences
    • Why Conferences Matter - An Illustration from the International Marine Conservation Congress
    • Why should I attend?  The value of business networking events
  • 4 Nov 2022 12:02 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    Hi everyone

    The latest edition of Brushstrokes is based on Weathering.  Check it out online by going to the members section, or click on Weathering to open the file (you will have to be logged in).

  • 5 Sep 2022 1:45 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    The latest edition of Brushstrokes has just been released - Functional Fillers.  Check out the contents below:

    • Editorial
    • Painted Memories
      – Spindrift Pigmented Vesiculated Beads
    • Upcoming Events
    • Convention 2022
    • Expanding the Use of Spherical Fillers
    • Functional Silicate Fillers:  Basic Principles
    • Recent Advances in Graphene Oxide-Based Anticorrosive Coatings
    • The Use of Engineered Silica to Enhance Coatings
    • Towards Antiviral Polymer Composites to Combat COVID-19 Transmission
  • 28 Jun 2022 6:20 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    We have another technical meeting, this time on 5 July at Fisher House, as well as virtually.  Check out the events page for more information on the talk by Don Waddingham "In Search of Excellence ... a journey through the eyes of a Polymer Chemist".

  • 28 Jun 2022 6:09 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)
    Members can view the latest edition of Brushstrokes with the theme "Equipment and Some Applications".  Check it out as it has a fantastic article from Mike Rowlands, quite a few technical articles, and upcoming events.
  • 1 Jun 2022 9:00 AM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)
    Check out a talk by one of our most respected Paint Chemists on the Rheology of Paint Applications.  We will hold this as a hybrid and in-person meeting at Fisher House on 21 July - register now to confirm your space.
  • 9 Mar 2021 6:33 PM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    Hi everyone

    We are so thrilled, and appreciative, that OCCA (UK sister organisation) has shared their webinars with our SCANZ members.  We are working on adding these to our website, so keep coming back to see what is available.  The first few are up now so log in and have a look.

  • 26 Feb 2021 11:33 AM | Donna Vincent (Administrator)

    By now, all members should have received their email copy of this month's Brushstrokes Journal - Waterborne vs Solvent based coatings.  

    If you have not received this, please let us know via email, or click here.

    Please note that this is only available to SCANZ members so you will need to log in to receive this.

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