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Glenbrook Steel Mill Tour

Glenbrook Steel Mill Tour
Date: Wednesday, 19th February 2020
Time: 9am
Location: Glenbrook Steel Mill, Mission Bush, Glenbrook, Auckland

Glenbrook Steelmill has closed down their public tours, but they still do them for educational groups, which includes SCANZ!

While this tour is way out in Glenbrook, and at 9 am, we hope that we will have a good number of people attending this event, as the Steelmill is a fascinating facility to visit. What they have accomplished in terms of getting the most out of their facilities and being as environmentally friendly as possible is quite extraordinary.

The tour starts at the Visitors Centre, where we will see a selection of movies outlining the processes that take place at the mill, as well as have a safety brief, and issued with PPE gear.

From there, we head off to tour the plant. The order of this will depend on what is operating at the time; however, we will be having a tour of the paint line.

Things to note:

  • While we usually ask that members bring their PPE, NZ Steel has said that they will provide this.

  • You are required to wear full-length trousers (stockings & tights are not adequate); long-sleeved shirts and closed in, flat, sturdy footwear (no heels, sandals, ballet-style shoes or sneakers)

  • Visitors need to be of a reasonable fitness as the tour involves a lot of stairs and walking.

The tour will take between 2 - 3 hours.

For those who want to, we will be meeting at the Red Shed Palazzo Cafe for lunch after the tour, which is about 1km from the motorway entrance on the way back to Auckland.

So we don't have everyone bringing their cars, if you are happy to carpool, either by taking passengers, or by being a passenger, please let me know, and we will arrange to share.

For more information, or to book on this tour, please email Donna at [email protected].