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Changing Regulations: Effect on Formulating for Success

Biocides are an essential component of paints to prevent degradation of water based paint while in the can and water and solvent based paint films. The choice of biocides to provide the required protection was usually made on cost and effectiveness with regulations a consideration. Unfortunately, regulations are becoming the driving force, reducing the biocidal actives which are available and limiting the concentrations that can be used.  

This paper will look at the effect regulations have had on the biocides available for use and and the potential changes that may be required due to pending EU decisions and the consequences of these, in particular the way the EPA deals with the changes and effect these have for ECNZ requirements. It will also discuss several ways that the industry may move forward to ensure availability of biocides to afford good protection into the future.


Kevin Roden graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Microbiology and Pharmacology.

He has had extensive experience in microbiological testing and prior to employment for a biocide producer had been employed as Manager for two consultant Microbiological Testing Laboratories and Quality Assurance Manager for a vaccine manufacturer.

Kevin has been involved in the coatings industry for 30 years while working for biocide manufacturers, recommending biocides for varying applications and evaluating their performance in industrial and personal care products. Kevin is currently employed by Troy Siam in the position of Technical Sales Support Specialist.  

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