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27 April 2024


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Innovation Project Lead

3R Group Ltd


National Paint and Packaging Scheme Update

A number of brands currently operate schemes to take back and repurpose unwanted paint and to recycle the metal and plastic packaging. Plastic packaging now falls into the 2020 Priority Product declaration for single use plastic packaging, requiring the development of a product stewardship scheme to manage it. The development of a national paint and packaging scheme will position the industry to smoothly transition towards this horizon. 3R Group has been appointed as the project manager for the scheme development. Project lead Steve Nicholls will provide an update on progress and how it may affect your business and its customers.


As the Innovation Project Lead for 3R Group Steve is responsible for developing outflows from what people would normally perceive of as waste. Steve has extensive experience in product development, working with international governing bodies, global supply chain stakeholders, and world renowned Research and Development facilities to develop world-leading products. He is the Project Lead for the development of the National Industry Scheme for Paint and packaging. 

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