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27 April 2024


Wednesday 15 -

Friday 17 May 2024


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Sales Manager

Rettenmaier NZ


Enhancing Surface Coatings with Cellulose Fibers: A Sustainable Approach

In the pursuit of sustainable and high-performance materials for the surface coatings industry, cellulose fibers have emerged as a pivotal component. This talk will delve into the multifaceted benefits of integrating cellulose fibers into surface coatings, underscoring their role in improving product efficacy and environmental footprint.

Cellulose fibers, derived from natural sources, offer a plethora of advantages in surface coatings. Their thixotropic nature ensures optimal flowability and prevents undesirable drainage, while their reinforcement capabilities contribute to the longevity and durability of coatings. As thickeners and stabilizers, these fibers maintain the consistency of coatings, facilitating an even application and enhancing the drying gradient.  Moreover, their role as extrusion aids and absorbent agents allows for smoother processing and desired finish qualities.  The ARBOCELĀ® is a powdery to fibrous cellulose additive for use in construction chemical products and are produced from water in-soluble celluloses left in their natural state (not comparable to water-soluble cellulose ethers).  Produced in various qualities (fiber lengths, thicknesses, purities, etc.) for a wide range of industrial applications.

The incorporation of cellulose fibers significantly enhances the rheological properties of coatings, enabling a seamless application with minimal splatter. The fibers’ inherent tensile strength and impact resistance fortify the coatings against physical stresses, while their excellent weatherability ensures resilience against diverse environmental conditions. Furthermore, the non-absorptive characteristics of certain fibers make them suitable for specialised applications.

The utilisation of cellulose fibers in surface coatings represents a leap forward in material science, offering a sustainable solution that does not compromise on performance. This talk will provide insights into the practical applications and advantages of cellulose fibers, paving the way for their broader adoption in the industry.


Julie Thomas joined JRS 12 months ago to form the New Zealand division, bringing together the last region to hold a direct presence  by jRS.  Formerly with IMCD, Julie has forged a 28+ year sales career across a range of industries and now heads up the JRS activities in New Zealand across all manufacturing sectors.

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