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27 April 2024


Wednesday 15 -

Friday 17 May 2024


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Jared Bourke

Technical Manager, Textures & Woodcare



Process Capability

Why have we chosen manufacturing process capability as our theme?

Dulux is a leading marketer and manufacturer of premium branded products that enhance, protect and maintain the places and spaces in which people live and work.   Our reputation is built on quality.

To maintain our market leading position, we need to continue to provide the highest quality products.  We need to do this consistently, reliably with no interruptions, and do this at a competitive cost in order to maximise our value. This is achievable with high manufacturing process capability.

Measurement system analysis showed we have too much variation in our measurement process, and that we needed to implement corrective actions.

This presentation highlights what we have done over 12 months – another analysis to see if the corrective actions have been successful – and the findings – that not all equipment is equal, competency plays a huge part in capability and that human behaviour can challenge even highly planned projects.


Jared leads a team of chemists at Dulux New Zealand, focussing on the areas of textured coatings, renders, cladding, factory applied coatings and semi-transparent stains and finishes. He holds a MSc. in chemistry from the University of Waikato and is originally from Tauranga. Jared has worked at Dulux for 16 years and in that time has probably had a part in every Dulux coating on the market. He has stepped into wider marketing and project leadership roles, when needed, but can still be found getting hands on, working at the bench.

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