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Lidaris San Miguel Rivera

Senior TS&D Scientist



New silicone additives for enhanced durability and compatibility in waterborne wood coatings

Silicone based additives are a special class of materials that can impart many protective and tactile properties to a coating at a low dosage level. These class of materials have shown to improve flow and leveling in many coatings as well as slip. Silicones tends to orient at the air-coating interface forming a lubricating layer resulting in the reduction of coefficient of friction which gives the final coating anti-scratch and desirable tactile properties. Silicone based defoamers provide improved compatibility with optimal performance at low dosage in water and solvent borne coatings. This talk will discuss silicone additives mode of action and will present experimental data highlighting the benefits of using silicone additives as leveling agent,  slip additive, and defoaming agents in waterborne wood coatings formulations.


Lidaris San Miguel Rivera joined Dow in March 2008 and began her career in Midland, Michigan. She has held several R&D roles within Core R&D, Dow Coatings Materials (DCM), and Dow Performance Silicones (DPS). In Core R&D she supported the Advanced Material division. In September 2011, Lidaris joined DCM R&D Additives group. In this role Lidaris worked on the development of new dispersants to improve hiding in architectural paints and worked on the development of additives for Industrial Coatings applications. In May 2016, Lidaris joined the Organometallics & Catalysis group in Core R&D as a Technical Leader.  In April 2018 Lidaris joined the NA Coatings TS&D team in the Specialty Materials division of DPS. In this role, Lidaris led key additives projects for anti-blocking and anti-foaming applications. Lidaris is also responsible for promoting the silicone additives portfolio and identifying innovation opportunities with key customers. In July 2021 Lidaris rejoined DCM R&D Additives group as a TS&D scientist and will continue to support the Silicone additives product portfolio and innovation projects. Lidaris holds a PhD in Material Chemistry from University of Michigan Ann Arbor and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras. She is the recipient of the 2021 HENAAC Professional Achievement I award presented by Great Minds in Stem (GMiS).

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