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Lead Auditor PCCP / APAS

Secretary of SCAA Board




Lead is a substance that is toxic to humans and has no known beneficial biological function. Clinical lead poisoning has long been known to medicine and lead is now recognised to have a detrimental effect on IQ, neuro-motor functions and behaviour, especially in children, even at low levels in the body.

As our knowledge increases, the acceptable limit for lead in humans is constantly being lowered. Stricter controls on the release of lead to the environment are being promulgated via regulatory authorities.

Lead has been used in many industries and has become widely dispersed in our environment, especially in cities from motor vehicle emissions. After petrol, one of the main sources of lead pollution and lead poisoning is from its use in paints. Residual lead paint on industrial and civil structures is a potential source of environmental pollution and lead paint in old buildings and dwellings remains as one of the most common sources of elevated blood-lead levels in children.

In recent years, increased attention has also been focused on other hazardous materials that may be found in some old paints including chromate, arsenic, cadmium, silica, asbestos and coal tars.


Sue Bartlett is currently the Lead Auditor PCCP/APAS, Secretary of SCAA Board and SCAA Technical Co-Ordinator.

Sue has been a member of SCAA for 40 years, having joined the then OCCA in 1982 as a QC Chemist at British Paints.

In 1985, she organised her first industry Conference in the Hunter Valley,

where two days before the Conference started, airline pilots around Australia went on strike! It was amazing to see the 350 delegates all make their way to the Conference.

In 1986, Sue became NSW Section Chairman, and in 2000, she became the Federal President, a great honour. Sue has been both Board Secretary and Technical Co-Ordinator since 2018.

When the Technical Manager at British Paints advised Sue to join OCCAA, he said it would enhance her career within the Paint Industry; how right he was!

SCAA has allowed Sue to do many jobs within the Surface Coatings Industry, and she is very grateful for this.
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