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Innovation Project Lead

3R Group


How Good Product Stewardship Design Enables Innovation to Create Value in the Supply Chain

The world is waking up to the requirements of Extended Producer Responsibility. Product Stewardship schemes are a focal point across many industries as governments try to re-direct the cost of waste and recycling back onto producers.

The best designed schemes provide for ongoing Research and Development and use innovation to leverage solutions based on hierarchy of waste principles. A whole of life approach involves multiple businesses, cross functional teams, considers the impact on consumers, while attempting to create value for industry stakeholders by designing out waste.

The NZ Paint Manufacturers Association is currently designing an industry scheme for Paint and Packaging. This will be used as an example of how decisions on scheme design can impact future value for the stakeholders by enabling innovation.


Steve has extensive experience in product development, working with international governing bodies, global supply chain stakeholders, and world renown Research and Development facilities to develop world leading products. From ideation to iterative development and R&D collaborations across multiple sectors, he has a strong drive for creating value in the circular economy. 

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