Technical Services & Development Manager
Oceania R & D

Lonza Solutions


Looking to the Future of Preservation Strategies with 20/20 Vision

Our Paint & Coatings systems are dynamic – changing demands from a consumer, regulatory, or performance perspective require us to continue to innovate! Continue to research! And continue to develop! It demands change… This process of change requires that we look to the future and adapt now. How can we do that? In our presentation we’re going to review a range of strategies that can be adopted to meet the changing demands on our paint and coatings formulations and come to understand how forward thinking strategies can help us prepare today!


Daniel Palm is the Technical Services & Development Manager for the Oceania region with the LSI Microbial Control business (formerly Lonza Specialty Ingredients). Daniel has a long history providing technical advice and support to the Coatings Industry in Australia & New Zealand in the area of biocide use and associated strategies.

In his role Daniel is responsible for managing the Regional R&D Team along with LSI’s Local Technical/R&D Laboratory based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and providing support to LSI customers. This support includes the use of biocides, microbial control strategies in both products & formulations, R&D for the local market, and supporting development strategies of our customers to meet consumer, regulatory and sustainability goals and demands.

Daniel graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biotechnology in 2004. He specialised in Microbiology and, during his career, has, utilising his microbiology expertise, run a number of QA/QC and R&D laboratories in a wide range of industries.

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